New truck orders are soft in the month of June says ACT Research

Class 8 commercial vehicle net preliminary orders remained very soft in the month of June, says reports from the ACT Research. The classes net 5-7 orders too were falling below the trend, but decline was pretty much expected, say that officials at ACT. ACT ResearchThe activity of medium-duty trucks automobiles typically tapered off during months of summer. Final numbers, which will released around mid-July and they will approach around 16,500 units for the Class eight heavy-duty trucks & 12,900 for the Classes 5-7 medium duty vehicles. Preliminary numbers of net order are accurate typically to with in five percent of actual says ACT.

Kenny Vieth, the president & senior analyst @ ACT Research that explanation for soft patch does remains of ‘death by 1000 cuts’ type. He said that as has been case since the late of February and early March, this issue looks to have boiled down for the truckers who are credit-buying confidence in economy that is relative to risk of taking sizeable loan for buying truck. To this end, the risk, political or economic, global or domestic, does remain very high, and the memories of the year 2009 are still very fresh.